Let’s Together Make the Best O & A Level Resource on the Web.

When I was taking my O Level exams, I had to download a lot of notes from different websites and I didn’t know which ones were good, which ones to use, etc. So I spent a lot of time to search, download and review them. And then I started to use them.

When I got to my A Levels, I had no use for my collected notes but I didn’t want to delete them. Instead, I wanted to share them so they may become useful for other students.

Time is precious and searching, downloading and reviewing notes is a complete waste of it. Instead, students should have access to the best notes only a click away (or a touch if you are on a smartphone, tablet or laptop :p)

So I have started this website for just that: “Best O & A Level Resources at One Place for Your Ease

  1. At One Place
  2. Best Resources
  3. Ease of Access
  4. Every Subject
  5. Free
  6. Give Credit where Credit is Due

But I alone cannot cover the breadth and scope of it and that is where you come in. As I am a AS Level Student studying limited subjects, I can only fulfill half the promise. To collect the “Best Resources for Every Subject” I need the help of O & A Level Alumni, Professors, Teachers, Current Students & Developers.

For now, I am collecting the resources and I am trying to give credit where I can but there are just too many subjects to perform a good job at a good pace. My immediate aim is to “Collect the Best Resources” and form a foundation to “Create the Best Resources” in the future.

By resources, I mean “Notes, Revision Guides, Tips, Videos, Additional Websites”

You can help in the following ways:
  1. Create New Content for the Website
  2. Contribute Original Content that you have created in the Past
  3. Find the Best Resources for a Subject Across the Web
  4. Improve the Website’s Functionality
  5. Point out Places where Credit is Due
  6. Spread the Website
  7. Give Suggestions, Point out Mistakes, etc
  8. Any Other Way You Feel You Can Help
Why Help?
  1. Satisfaction of Helping
  2. Recognition on the Website
  3. Ensure the Spread of Knowledge
  4. Feel Good!
  5. Certificate of Recognition & Personal Email at the Domain
If you want to help please fill out the form below.

Thank you for taking out the time to read this. :)